Contacting Me!

Just a quick update regarding how to contact me when I’m in Israel.

My Israel number is +972-52-899-6464. I am getting a new SIM card so my original 847-373-9762 number will not work. Feel free to text me whenever because I have unlimited texts.

It’s even better if you have an iPhone because you can reach me with iMessages, at no cost to either of us. Just add my Israel number into your phone and text like you’d normally do. I can also send and receive iMessages using my email (cdobkin93@gmail). You can read more about iMessaging here:

Add my new number and email address into your phone! You can also always contact me via email, Viber, Facebook and Facebook messaging.

I hope all this makes sense. I can’t wait to start my journey soon (and leave the Chicago winter for good).

From my screen to yours,



One thought on “Contacting Me!

  1. Nanci Dobkin says:

    Hi Rose, Another thing about your Israel number. If someone is calling from the united states they have to use the country code which is 972 052 899-6464. It is much easier to dial your virtual number. mom



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