Chag Purim!

Purim: a Jewish holiday like no other. Starting Tuesday evening and going all the way until Saturday night marked the craziest holiday of all time. Unlike in the States, Purim is taken very seriously here in Israel. The goal of the holiday is to drink so much that you can’t tell the difference between the good and the bad people, aka it’s just one party after another of people consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Throughout Israel, you will see people walking around in costumes and masks at all hours of the day. All costumes are welcome, even the most offensive ones (I saw someone in full KKK getup). There were also some incredible costumes. I saw Spiderman stopping traffic in the streets, Walter Whites, cowboys, Elvis, and these…

10926364_10153079889721069_6507890426791770794_n  11021112_10152579417240670_2157945459819872860_n

I decided to take Tuesday easy because we had just been touring Jerusalem all the day. Highlights of the trip include The Christian Quarter, The Jewish Quarter, and The Shuk. I’ve been to the old city many times so nothing was very to new to me. I loved The Shuk because it was full of delicious treats. I had the most mouthwatering chocolate rugaluhs ever. I also bought freshly baked hamantashen, and a few other desserts that I simply could not resist.

Chocolate Rugaluh

Chocolate Rugaluh

Alright, back to Purim. On Wednesday night, I gathered a group of friends to go to a rave with me. It was a trance music rave at this huge club called Haoman 17. I love trance music and was so glad that my friends agreed to come with me. The headliner was the German electronic duo, Cosmic Gate. I danced for 4 hours and I swear that was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. They played all of my favorite songs!!


Purim Rave

On Thursday, I laid out on the beach during the day and then went out with my roommate, Jess. We went to this club called Pasaz where they played swing music and other oldies. We dressed up in the simplest costumes ever (I was a bunny and she was a cat).

Then on Friday there was a massive street party in Tel Aviv. A grand total of 40,000 people came out to dance to DJ John Digweed. It was a steamy 80 degrees so we left a bit early to cool off at the beach. Overall it was an amazing day.

Street Party

Street Party

I spent all of Saturday relaxing and catching up on some much needed sleep. I started my day at this popular brunch spot called Benedicts. I got an Israeli breakfast with eggs, warm breads, yummy dippings, and a mimosa. After brunch, I went to the gym and then laid out on my rooftop with some good music and a book.


Bread basket at Benedicts

I start work at Playbuzz on Monday! This has been such a needed week of free time before I start my job. The weather has been absolutely lovely, the parties have been wild, and most importantly I’ve had a lot of fun.

From my screen to yours,



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