First Week On The Job


I started my job at Playbuzz this week and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s actually so much fun. I get to write items about anything I want!! Playbuzz is known for its whimsical quizzes and I’ve already made a few including Which EDM DJ Are You, Which CW Hottie Should You Hook Up With, and Which Taylor Swift Style Describes You? It takes me the longest to make these personality quizzes because I really try to have the questions/answers match each result. Plus, I’m a perfectionist. I can’t believe that some of my posts have already gone viral! Not every post gets promoted on the homepage, but a few of mine are, which is awesome. My favorite, 36 Times Stephen Amell Proved He is God’s Gift To Mankind has over 2.5K shares and it was just published on Thursday! So far, I’ve only been writing posts, but I will start running their Pinterest next week.

Because the company isn’t that big, we have to write under several different aliases. Here’s another one of my posts that has gone viral: Cinderella vs. Belle. I think the content team has about 15 people. Unfortunately, there isn’t any room for me and the other intern in the editors’ room, so I am separated in another room (it’s the former CEO office, which is cool, but a bit isolating).

There have been a few perks with my job as well. I got a new set of nice headphones, a personalized notebook, and a hot/cold coffee cup. However, the best perk is money for lunch. We get a debit card with 400 shekels a month for food. There’s a great salad bar that I’ve been going to, but there are still tons of yummy restaurants that I want to try.

The food in Israel is SO GOOD. It’s all super fresh. I’m glad I am here for such a long time because I want to try everything! There’s also amazing gelato everywhere in Israel. Last week, I got dulce de leche/banana date and it was magnificent. I think the only thing I miss is Greek yogurt. They don’t have it here, which is sad, but the delicious pastries and juice stands make up for it.

I really enjoy work, but it’s definitely long and tiring. I wake up at 6 am to go for a run and then I leave for work at 8:30. I’m in the office from 9-6, with a lunch break in the middle. I walk 20 minutes home, make dinner, and then get ready for bed. This is my schedule Monday through Thursday. I get a 3-day weekend which is perfect because it gives me time to relax and have fun.


Getting ready for a Girl’s Night Out

Besides starting work, I’ve had a pretty chill week. We had a big shabbat dinner with all the roommates. I’m constantly impressed with our cooking abilities in our tiny kitchen. We made steak with a mushroom and red wine reduction sauce, green beans, roasted potatoes, spicy cous cous, and salad. So gourmet!


Shabbat Dinner

I am so excited for next week. It begins my three weeks of family & friends. I especially can’t wait to see my Mom, Alex, and Sydnie. I wish they could bring Sadie! It’s my birthday next week, too! Seeing my family is seriously the best present. It’s my friend on the program’s birthday a day before mine so we’re having a joint party. It should be crazy. After a week of family, I get even more family. My cousin, Hanna, is coming to visit for 4 days. We’ll get to go to the Passover seder together. Then, I’m off to London to reunite with one of my best friends. I’ll be touring London with Courtney during the day and then we’re seeing one of our favorite DJs, Above & Beyond. Courtney will go back to Chicago on Sunday night, but my trip is just beginning. Another one of my best friends, Amanda, is backpacking Europe, and she’s starting her trip with me. We’ll spend 3 days in London and then we’re jetting off to Amsterdam for the second half of the week. I am literally so pumped for these next few weeks!!! I’m counting down the days 🙂

From my screen to yours,



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