Run To The Desert, You Will See All You Need To See

Hi Everyone,

The title of this blog post refers to a few things that happened over the last two weeks.

1) I just spent a weekend in the literal desert (more on that in a bit)

2) “Run To The Desert, You Will See All You Need To See” is a name of a song and I went to a concert for Independence Day (more on that in a bit)

3) Finally, my eyes have been opened to Israel and I’m really starting to enjoy myself

Okay now time for the recap of the last couple weeks…

This past weekend we took a group trip to the Negev and Eilat. On Thursday morning we left Tel Aviv and drove south. We stopped at this place called The Salad Trail where we picked fresh tomatoes (the best ones I’ve ever had), tricolor carrots, and strawberries. Nothing beats produce straight from the source! In the evening, we arrived at the Bedouin Tents. If you’ve done Birthright, you know what this is. We all crowd into a huge tent and sleep in sleeping bags. The sleeping part was not the greatest for obvious reasons, but the experience was something worthwhile. We got authentic Bedouin food for dinner consisting of rice, meat, vegetables, hummus, bread, and salads. The best part was the after dinner tea. We woke up at 5 am the next morning to continue our trip. I went on a 4-hour challenging hike through the Eilat mountains. We climbed all the way up and then went down into the valley. From the top we could see both Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The terrain was a bit tricky and it was 92 degrees as well, so we definitely worked up a sweat. After the hike, we drove a half an hour to Eilat to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

Eilat is the southern most part of Israel. It is a huge tourist destination and resort town. We stayed in a nice hostel right by the beach, which was great. We all sat out in the sun/sea all day and got super tan. We went to a bar at night and had a yummy brunch in the morning. We left Eilat late Saturday night and drove all the way back to Tel Aviv (5 hour drive!)


The Levinsky Roommates In The Desert

Thursday April 23 wasYom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day). The parties began Wednesday night so all of us roommates went to a Kibbutz party, which was so much fun. And on the following night, we went to see Carl Cox, a legendary house DJ. It was unbelievable. One of the girls we went with interns for the record company that put on the show so she was able to get us backstage behind the DJ booth. It was so cool.

Backstage with Carl Cox

Backstage with Carl Cox

My Independence Day weekend was incredible. It really showed me how fun I could have in Israel. I can finally say I’m loving it here. I can’t believe it’s already May and I only have 2 months left. I feel like every weekend from now until the end needs to be filled with something crazy memorable. It’s officially summer here, so all of the outdoor nightclubs are opening, which should be awesome. Israel is also getting some amazing talent to come like ARMIN VAN BUUREN (I am SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS, if you know me, you know why). Besides having a wonderful time these last few months, I am hoping to figure out my plans for after Israel. I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs (fingers crossed I actually hear back) and I’m still waiting to hear back from a grad school.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I must return to the land of job applications and cover letters – wish me luck!

From my screen to yours,



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