It’s The Final Countdown

One month left. . . I truly cannot believe it. These past few weeks have flown by. I guess that is a testament to how much fun we’re having. When I think about it, I am having a ridiculous amount of fun. Our lifestyle here is amazing. This – Israel – is not real life. We live minutes away from a beautiful beach. The weather is so pleasant (which is not normal for June in Israel). The food continues to impress. And our weekends are filled with mischief and magic. I always look forward to Thursdays, which are the end of the work week. I’ve had a Thursday dinner tradition going on for quite some time. My friend Bonnie and I get sushi and wine before going out to one of the many popular clubs in Tel Aviv. The sushi here is outstanding!!! Sadly, this tradition will have to end. Bonnie is doing Teach For America and her training begins in a few days. She left today and is heading back to the states for good. It was really sad and hard to say goodbye to her. My experience would not have been the same without her. She made this all worth it. I truly do consider her to be a best friend and I am so grateful to have met her! She will be working in San Jose and I feel confident I will see her again soon. I’m applying to lots of jobs out in California and hopefully I hear back from them!

Gonna miss this girl

Not having Bonnie in our core group will be strange, but we have SO many things to look forward to. First, June marks the beginning of Pride Month. It’s going to be wild. This Friday and Saturday, I am going to a camping music festival called SunBeat in the Golan Heights! The following weekend, Destination Israel is taking us to an overnight trip up North. And then two weeks later is the beach festival headlined by my all-time-favorite, Armin van Buuren. This concert begins our “Ender Bender” aka our last week in Israel, where we are going to try to do everything we possibly can before we all leave and go our separate ways.

Summers on our rooftop!

I know this final month is going to go by incredibly fast. There are so many restaurants and nightclubs I still need to go to. I don’t want to leave here with any regrets. So far, I don’t have any. I am so proud of myself for going on this program. It showed me that I am ready to live on my own, which is one of the reasons I’ve been so set on moving out to California. I also made lifetime friendships. The girls have already planned a reunion trip Labor Day weekend to Montreal! I really hope this happens!


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